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Data Analytics Solutions


Business (Data) Analytics differs slightly from Business Intelligence in where BI allows your business to use data to understand current trends and identify where improvements should be made for the existing Business (descriptive), Business Analytics focuses on the using of the same data for changing business operations, relying on trend analysis in order to predict business trends and focus on positive change to make your business successful in the future (prescriptive)

Once you understand the current health of your Business, the more difficult task is leveraging Data Analytics in order to decide which direction you wish to drive your business.  The best organizations understand its what you Do, not what you Did.  

Let Bespoke Analytics help you with your predictive modeling strategy to identify hidden areas to increase productivity and reduce expense.


  • SWOT Analysis

  • Use Case Modeling

  • Predictive Modeling

  • Functional and Non Functional Analysis

  • Reporting and Visualization

  • Data Mining

  • Artificial Intelligence Development

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"Companies don't always recognize their data as a valuable asset.  A Modern Data Estate allows them to really leverage the potential of that asset" - Paul McLeod 

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