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Business Intelligence Solutions


The pure definition of Business Intelligence has changed over the years becoming an all encompassing 'Buzzword'.  In essence BI with its broad description, covers a company's ability to ingest, decipher and utilize data in order to understand business efficiencies as well as deficiencies and to act upon those results.    We refer to Business Intelligence as 'Descriptive', giving decision makers a transparent view into the 'How', 

We believe Business Intelligence is driven from the top down rather than from an IT perspective.  The ability to change a company's culture driven by self-Serve Analytics will not only reduce costs and strain on IT resources, but allow key decisions generated by telling performance metrics.

Bespoke Analytics can unleash the true value of these Data Assets by implementing BI services in which to deliver data that allows Business Decision makers the ability to react faster based on historical and current trends.


  • Data Mining

  • Data Warehousing

  • Reporting and Dashboards

  • Data Cleansing

  • Data Documentation and Governance

  • Data Source Testing

  • Modern Data Estate Design and Build-out

“I think you can have a ridiculously enormous and complex data set, but if you have the right tools and methodology, then it’s not a problem.”  

Aaron Koblin

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