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The Modern Data Estate


Every company now has such vast amounts of data being generated daily.  Social data, Machine Data and Transactional Data are the three primary sources of this data which when leveraged correctly can push your business to the next level.


The majority of businesses today struggle with understanding how to connect the dots from ingesting this unstructured data, organizing it then generating insights in order to make meaningful decisions and actions.  the MODERN DATA ESTATE allows any company the ability to create an organized, sustainable and scalable processes within a constantly changing business world to realize these insights.

We show you how to gather all your raw data via our powerful TimeXtender Data Automation Tool, designed to reduce the time, effort and expense of traditional source integration. 


The Modern Data Estate is ever changing with time and resources paramount to delivering results.  Our integration process reduces the need on resources and cuts the time to delivery by up to 70% of traditional methods.

We can consolidate multiple sources from any platform all in one location to easily access any data regardless of deployment model (Cloud, Hybrid, On Premise)

The Bespoke solution is scalable and flexible, allowing a nimble approach to Analytics, giving our clients the ability to focus on insights and make meaningful decisions that truly benefit their business




A Modern Data Estate built with TimeXtender, allows your business the flexibility to analyze any portion of your data set within a priority schedule to attain significant value almost immediately.  You decide the information needed and Bespoke Analytics can build quickly the reporting analysis.  


Structure your analysis based on your business needs.  Our MDE analysis layer is customizable giving your business the power to realize insights that actually impact your decisions.  The proverbial 'lightbulb' goes off when our clients realize the power they have to organize, build and customize their data.  


Data quality is no longer in question and the possibilities of gaining value become apparent driving culture adoption inherently needed to maximize returns on Business Intelligence Solutions



The Power of Visualization cannot be understated when it comes to presenting information based off real data.  Bespoke can show you how to create stunning visuals to help solidify the impact to all levels of your organization.  

Power BI has incredible capabilities to offer a more comprehensive interpretation of data for users to easily absorb.  Time is key and Power BI delivers the goods to your decision makers, supplying them with the tools to understand, analyze and act with more certainty.

Power BI allows even the non technical people the ability to analyze data and share the same.  

Visualization is the result of a true Modern Data Estate Platform 



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