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Bermuda's Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Specialists

Data > Information > Knowledge > Capability

Own Your Future, Own Your Data
Data Discovery to Visualization....We build your Modern Data Estate

Cut through all the confusion, learn how you can leverage Data FASTER, and drive your Business in a Data driven world.

Bespoke Analytics believes in a systematic and efficient approach to realize your Data Goals

The Building Blocks of Success

A Modern Data Estate encompasses each phase of the Journey.  Bespoke can break it down into a planned structured approach





"The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight"

Carly Fiorina

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Solutions and Services

Bespoke Analytics has been providing Business Intelligence Solutions for our Clients for over 20 years.  Our success stems from a combination of diverse analytics skillsets as well as specific industry understanding enabling outsourcing capabilities to realize our customers strategic fulfilment.

This is the 'What' and 'How', outlining the patterns and trends from historical and current data

Here we ask 'Why' based on the Data.  Future decisions stem from the knowledge gained

We take control of your Analytics to help you realize your goals and help you mature in the BI journey.  We are your Intelligence team

"You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data"

Daniel Keys Moran

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Industries We Serve


Financial Services






Learn About Us

A Holistic View Of A Bespoke Analytics Data Strategy

  • Create a definitive Company wide single data source viewed as 'The Truth' including current as well as 'Historical' Data

  • Complete scalability to conform to Business needs now and in the future

  • Data Quality is confirmed giving decision makers complete forecasting confidence

  • Seamlessly transition to the Cloud by starting On-Premise or within a Hybrid solution

  • Reduce IT costs and Analytics resources

A Solid Foundation

  • Enhanced Analytics Capabilities

  • Empower Awareness and Culture change within Employees

  • Increased collaborative efforts among internal Teams/Departments

  • Seamless integration between IT/Analytics and Business Decision Makers

  • Efficient path to insights

  • Data Driven Business Strategy

  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency Organization wide

Organizational Change

Economies of Scale

  • Reduce in house resources

  • Mitigate reliance on IT for Analytics

  • Efficient decision making based on real time data

  • Automate Governance and Documentation

  • Reduction of risk 

  • Analyze more data more quickly

"The big technology trend is to make sytems intelligent and data is the raw material"

Amod Malviya


People & Partners

The combination of our diverse team of Analysts, Architects and Specialists coupled with our technology partners allows Bespoke to deliver customizable solutions for our clients.  We become part of our customers BI team whether in a supplemental role or complete Management, Implementation and consultation of their Data Estate.  

We understand and have 18 years experience in the Bermuda market offering a competency and specialization found nowhere else. 


We can become your local BI team

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