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The Preparation for AI: Automation and
The Modern Data Estate

Leveraging Data for Fast Approaching AI Requirements

November 7, 2023
90 Pitts Bay Road, Wellesley House, W Room/2nd floor

About the Seminar

The buzzword is 'Artificial Intelligence' or 'AI'.  But the ability to access and leverage this groundbreaking technology is not so simple.  An organization must first build a solid foundation of data  management before they can even think about AI.  

Join us for a free seminar where we will discuss the importance of building a modern data estate as the foundation for leveraging data today and in the future. Using data automation is the key for any organization's journey towards fast approaching AI requirements. Our experienced speakers will share insights and strategies on how to build and maintain a modern data estate.

Opening the doors to the world of AI in your organization.


The importance of a modern data estate for AI requirements

What You Will Learn


Strategies for leveraging data automation to build a data estate


Best practices for maintaining a modern data estate

Meet the Presenters
Paul McLeod
President & Senior Architect/ Bespoke Analytics
Heine Krog Iverson
CEO & Founder / TimeXtender
07 Nov, 9:00 am
Wellesley House, W Room - 2nd floor
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