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    Bermuda Post Office

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    Oil Insurance Limited 

    Bespoke Software is our "go-to" technology company when we find we need outside assistance with specialized development or technology solutions.  Bespoke have very ably managed two recent projects for us.  The first was a data warehousing project, which clearly showed us the power and capability that we can harness with the right technology solution.  The second, and equally valuable, was the assistance in providing a very competent resource for a 3 month period to get us through a significant and complex systems development project that had very stringent deadlines.  In 2011 we anticipate engaging Bespoke to undertake another project;  'to provide an independent assessment on our proprietary application architecture'  which will encompass  a review of our current technical architecture ensuring secure, stable, and redundant application delivery.  Bespoke have the depth and breadth of knowledge and resources to provide us with a range of business solutions.

    Gail Miller , Vice President, HR & Admin 



    Bespoke have listened to our issues, understood our requirements and have been thought leaders in designing applications to meet our specific needs.

    John Tomlinson, Chief Executive Officer



    Bespoke Software have been extremely supportive of the Bermuda Post Office in helping us develop various systems to meet our business needs. They work extremely well with our staff and always provide creative solutions that meet our business needs.

    Postmaster General, Bermuda Post Office